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Whether it is dark spots or pigmentation that you want to hide, a suitable foundation is one that every woman needs in her bag. To get the perfect finish, you need a correct shade foundation.

Jaquline USA Perfect Fix Foundation is a lightweight formula that blends quickly into the skin to hide imperfections easily. Enriched with UV filters, the foundation makes your skin look flawless and protects it against UV rays. The long-wear formula ensures freedom from constant touch-ups. Our foundation offers the perfect coverage for every skin type. We have a variety of shades that will go perfectly with Indian Skin tone.

Use of Best Liquid Foundation

The foundation comes in a liquid, cream, or powder form which you can apply to your face and neck to get an even complexion or to hide the skin imperfections like blemishes, scars, pigmentation, etc.

Foundation also protects against harmful UV rays as it includes SPF in it. Also, the foundation includes anti-aging properties in it that slow down the aging process. A good base protects skin from damage and gives you a natural radiance.


How to apply Liquid Foundation Correctly

Applying makeup correctly is very critical same as selecting the best shade for you. If you are not applying it correctly, then it does not matter how good your foundation is.


  • Skin Prepping

If you have not prepared your skin well before applying foundation, your foundation will become creasy. It does not matter how good your base is. Do your skincare routine before you apply any makeup products. So, remember to clean your face and neck with a gentle cleanser. To remove the dead skin cells, you can exfoliate your face. And after that, use a toner on damp skin as it will help minimize your pores. And after toning, moisturize your face with the best suitable moisturizer to keep it hydrated. 


  • Skin Priming

After you are done with your skincare routine, start putting some primer on your face to prepare your skin. Primer provides a barrier to your skin from harmful chemicals in makeup. It is a key step in the makeup process.

After you are done with the primer, start applying your foundation.


Take a small amount of foundation and dot it all over your face. Don’t apply too much foundation as it will make your base cakey and patchy. First apply a little, if you need more coverage then go for more. Then, by using your brush spread your foundation evenly. After that, blend it properly by using your foundation brush in horizontal strokes.


How to Select the Best Liquid Foundation for You

When you are choosing the foundation for your skin, you need two to keep in mind that it will suit your skin tone and type and second, it gives you full coverage. Foundation cream helps even out your complexion and covers your skin imperfections such as wrinkles and blemishes. It will only work if you have chosen the perfect shade and the perfect form of foundation for your face.

  1. Skin Type

The “one for all” rule does not apply when it comes to foundation. To get full coverage, you need to pick your foundation according to your skin type.

  • Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you must go for the matte foundation as it will help in controlling excess oil production. Always look for an oil-free foundation for oily skin. It stops your makeup from becoming shiny or greasy. It will mattify your skin and give you a neat and smooth-looking makeup finish. The long-lasting foundation for oily skin is the stick foundation.

  • Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you must buy the hydrating foundation cream over matte foundation. Cream or liquid foundation helps restore hydration and gives you a healthy glow on your face. The most essential thing about Liquid foundation does not get greasy or patchy on dry skin.

Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Ultra Hydrating foundation is the best full-coverage foundation for dry skin. Once you are done choosing the foundation best suitable to your skin type, now, select the right shade for your skin tone.

  1. Skin Tone

You cannot apply your friend’s favorite foundation no matter how expensive or good it is. If you do not want to make a blunder go with a lighter or a darker shade of foundation than what your skin needs.

Your foundation cream must match your actual skin tone, neither darker nor lighter will work. Firstly, you need to know your skin color or which skin tone category you fall under; darker, fair, or medium. After that find your undertone from cool, warm, or neutral. 

For instance, if you have a cool undertone then buy Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Ultra Hydrating foundation in the shade “Warm Sand 2”.

If you have a warm undertone, go for the shade “Golden Beige 3” of our Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Ultra Hydrating foundation.

For a neutral undertone, Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Ultra Hydrating foundation in the shade “Soft Caramel 4”.


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Q: What is the use of foundation cream?

A: The foundation comes in a liquid, cream, or powder form which you can apply to your face and neck to get an even complexion or to hide the skin imperfections like blemishes, scars, pigmentation, etc. It also protects against harmful UV rays as it includes SPF in it.

Q: Can we use foundation cream daily?

A: You can wear your foundation daily for a natural glow and smooth finish. Before wearing foundation or any other makeup product, make sure your skin is well-cleansed and moisturized. Also, use the primer before you apply the foundation as it will protect your skin against harmful products.


Q: How do I apply the foundation for the best results?

A: To get a smooth finish, take the foundation on your finger and apply the dot on your face and neck evenly. Then take the foundation brush and spread it upward towards your hairline. Blend it properly to get the matte finish and natural radiance. 

Q: How to choose foundation shade?

A: If you have a warm undertone then go for the peach and yellowish colour. For a cool undertone, the pink shade foundation will be the best. If you have a mix of warm and cool undertones then go for a neutral shade of foundation that is neither dark nor light to your skin.

Q: What to do before applying foundation?

A: Before applying your foundation, always prepare your skin or do a proper skincare routine. It means your skin must be properly cleansed, toned, moisturized, and primed before you put any makeup products on your face and neck.