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One of the most important makeup products that every woman kept her makeup kit is lipstick. No matter where we ladies are heading, whether at a party or the office, we are sure to put our lipstick on.

The smudge-proof and transfer-proof formulas have been one of the reasons for gaining popularity among makeup enthusiasts. Our most luxurious lipstick colors are available in a wide range of textures and finishes. Ladies, spend lavishly! With our long-lasting lipsticks, which come in various finishes, you may choose to go bold or subtle.

Jaquline USA Lipstick range comes in different shades that will go perfectly with Indian skin tones. Just glide it once and get a long-lasting look with high pigment color. It is a feather-weight formula that surely gives you a perfect matte look on your lips. By applying it once, you will get intense color and it doesn’t make your lips dry or patchy.


Types of Best Matte Lipsticks at Jaquline USA

We have a wide range of lipsticks at Jaquline USA, from matte lipsticks to velvet lipsticks. You can also find different colors in lipsticks such as red matte lipstick, nude matte lipstick, brown matte lipstick, pink matte lipstick, etc.

  • Matte Amour Lipstick

Jaquline USA Matte Amour Lipstick, that is a nourishing formula perfect for those who love a bold, and fiery lip look. This lipstick is enriched with natural oils i.e. Avocado oil, capsicum oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E, so it’s time to pucker up and give your lips the love they deserve. It hugs lips in plush satin matte color that is ultra comfortable and comes in a high precision bullet that exudes luxury & packs lips with intense colour in a single swipe. Available in a wide range of shades to choose from, this lipstick has everything you need for perfect pout.

  • Kisses & Pouts

Jaquline USA Kisses & Pouts Lipstick is an ultra-sleek bullet lipstick that glides on to deliver bold, high-impact color in a single stroke. Available in a range of neutral tones, bright accent shades, and bold colors- A color suitable for every skin tone, we promise! This essential matte lipstick has a transfer-proof and smudge-proof formula and lets you create endless lip looks.

This pigment-packed lipstick feels super lightweight, you'll forget you have lipstick on, so get ready for this power lipstick that delivers amazing color payoff while providing a jolt of long-lasting color that never dries, and is effortlessly matte.


How to Apply Your Lipstick Correctly?

Selecting the best lipstick shade for you is an important task, but applying your lipstick correctly is equally important. To complete the look, apply your lipstick flawlessly every time. Follow the step-by-step guide to get that flawless touch to your lips:


Step 1: The primary step to get the perfect lip shape is to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or by using a damp cloth. Avoid applying lipstick on your dry and chapped lips. After you exfoliate, hydrate your lips with a lip balm or lip oil and let it sit for a few minutes.


Step 2: You can use a lip primer or color-correct foundation if you have dark-pigmented lips to mute the dark color.


Step 3: Next, you must trace the lip line with a lip liner to get the perfect lip shape that you desire.


Step 4: Afterward, pick the best lipstick shade for your skin tone or the makeup or dress you are wearing.


Step 5: After you are done applying your lipstick, do not forget to blot your lips with a tissue to get a long-lasting effect. In addition, if you want your lips to shine, you can use lip gloss over your lipstick. It will make your lips glossier. 


Different Uses of Long-Lasting Lipstick in Your Makeup

If you want to save a few bucks, you can use your lipstick in multiple ways when putting on your makeup. Here is the list of different uses of lipstick:

  • As a Blush 

     You can use your lipstick as a blush to your face when putting your makeup on.   

  • As a Bronzer 

    Brown Lipstick can also be used as a bronzer. Use it when you’re contouring your face to get a sculpted or sharp look.

  • As an Eyeshadow

    Using your lipstick as an eyeshadow is a wonderful hack. But remember to blend it well to get an even color.

  • As a Concealer 

    Red or orange lipstick can be used as a concealer for your dark circle or uneven tone on your face.

  • As an Eyeliner

    You can use your liquid lipstick as an eyeliner to make your look vibrant.

Shop Best Long-lasting Lipstick at Jaquline USA

The best lipsticks for Indian skin tones can be found in a variety of shades at Jaquline USA. These lipsticks offer deep coverage and rich color. It's almost as though each color was created especially for you. Want to copy the makeup style of a famous person? Want to get more details about a certain beauty item? Right now, visit the Jaquline USA blog!

At Jaquline USA, we provide a large selection of high-quality makeup products that are among the best available online. The possibilities for creating different styles with our best makeup range are endless, whether you want to be cute, sassy, clever, seductive, or elegant. So, what are you waiting for, add products to your vanity kit at a reasonable price. Buy your favorite product from the comfort of your home online on our Jaquline USA website and get the best out of our latest deals.




Q: What are the benefits of matte lipsticks?

A: Matte lipsticks stay longer on your lips than glossy lipsticks. And, if you are wearing light makeup, then matte lipstick will go perfectly with your look.

Q: Is matte lipstick long-lasting?

A: Yes, matte lipsticks are long-lasting and waterproof. Matte lipstick sticks longer and will not smudge at all. To prevent dryness caused by a most matte lipstick, buy Jaquline USA Crème Bomb Lipstick which will give you a creamy texture for a soft smooth matte finish.

Q: What is the main purpose of lipstick?

A: Lipstick is a beauty product that is used for giving color and texture to your lips. You can use matte lipsticks or velvet lipsticks to enhance your look.

Q: What are the qualities of good lipstick?

A: A good lipstick must be lightweight and soft and smooth with a hydrating formula. Buy crème or velvet lipstick, if you do not want to get your lips dry at all.

Q: What material is used in lipstick?

A: The three main ingredients used in making lipsticks are, oil, wax, and pigment. Oil for adding moisture, and wax to provide spreadable texture and shape. And, pigment is for color.