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Best Compact Powder Online from Jaquline USA

In every women’s makeup kit, you will surely find a compact powder. Among makeup enthusiasts, compact powder is such a hit today. In countries like India, the hotter summers (in most part of the country) makes the skin oily and dull. Face compact powder acts as a savior to set your makeup in place.  Whether you are looking for a matte finish or a flawless glow, powders work fine for both.

Jaquline USA Perfect Fix Compact is a long-wear formula that gives your skin a shine-free or matte finish all day long. Our compact powder with SPF 40+++ helps you protect your skin from sun damage. It helps even out complexion and protects skin from darkening so that you can step out confidently.


Uses of Compact Powder

Compact Powder goes after you put your concealer to give you a non-greasy or matte finish. The best compact powder stops the makeup from fading away by absorbing the extra oil. It helps your makeup set in place for a longer period and maintains your look which means it extends the durability of your makeup.

In addition, face compact powder helps even your skin tone. If you are thinking of not putting something heavy on your face such as foundation or concealer, just go for the compact powder. It also acts as a makeup fixer for something like if you had over-applied blush or the foundation is not matching your skin tone. It helps in fixing the makeup blunder you might make when putting makeup on. 

Difference Between Compact Powder and Loose Powder

The terms face compact powder and loose powder are sometimes used interchangeably. And this leads us to buy without giving any thought to whether it will suit your skin type or give you the coverage your skin wants.

  • Compact Powder

Compact Powder creates a base for your makeup same as the foundation does. However, you can also use it alternatively as a fixing powder to fix your makeup. Both compact and loose powder has different texture and packaging. It mostly comes in a compact or pressed powder form.

  • Loose Powder

Loose powder comes in fine powder form and is used for setting your makeup in place. It gives you an even and luminous finish and is perfect for giving you a complete makeup look. Its silky textures help the user to set in your makeup easily. You can effortlessly blend it.


How to Use a Face Compact Powder: Step by Step

You should know how to put or apply the face compact powder correctly to get a non-greasy or matte finish. It helps you in hiding all your imperfections and makes your skin look poreless.

Read the given step-by-step guide to get the smooth silky finish.

  1. Before applying any makeup product to your face, make sure your skin is moisturized enough. After that, use the primer on your face that will give the extra hydration and also brightens your face.
  2. To set your foundation and concealer well, make sure to use them before using the compact powder.
  3. Take a powder brush or sponge and apply your compact powder evenly on your face. Before applying tap off the excess powder from your brush or sponge.
  4. If you are using the puff that comes with the product, pressed it on the product. Then tap the puff all over your face and neck towards your hairline.
  5. Repeat the process if you are not wearing any foundation or concealer but on the moisturized or primed face.  


How to Choose the Perfect Compact Powder

It is very important to choose the perfect compact powder or to get the perfect finish. Jaquline USA compact powder comes in different shades that will be the best for every Indian skin tone. Choose the perfect shade that goes well with your complexion.

  • Fair Skin Tone

If you have a fairer skin tone, use the yellow-based powder. It helps you get a radiant and dewy complexion. A yellow-toned compact powder will give a natural appearance and blends into your skin easily. Buy Jaquline USA‘s Perfect Fix Compact in the shade of Ivory 01 which is also a sunscreen compact powder.

  • Medium Skin Tone

For a medium skin tone, choose the apricot-colored compact powder. A person with a medium skin tone is neither dark nor light, she is somewhere middle. So choosing the best compact powder that goes perfectly with the skin tone is very critical. 

Buy Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Compact in the shade of Beige 01 to make your skin highlight its natural radiance.

  • Darker Skin Tone

If you a have darker skin tone or brown complexion, you must buy the copper-toned face compact. Copper-colored compact powder highlights the natural radiance of the tanned skin. Use Jaquline USA’s Perfect Fix Compact in the shade of Sand 01 which will go perfectly with your tone. It will make your skin more radiant and will brighten it.

Buy Best Compact Powder Online in India at Jaquline USA

Shop at Jaquline USA for the best compact powder for all skin types online.  It offers a wide range of shades that go well with every skin tone. Sit is a sunscreen compact powder that means it has SPF 40 in it for effective sun protection. After you apply it properly, you will get the oil-free silky smooth finish.

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Q: What is a compact powder used for?

A: Compact powder helps in setting the makeup in place and also removes extra oil from the face. It evens out your skin tone and gives light coverage all day long.

Q: Is compact powder good for daily use?

A: You can wear a compact powder every day to keep your makeup intact. It gives you a matte finish and a radiant glow.

Q: Can I apply the compact powder directly on the face?

A: You can apply your compact powder after your foundation or concealer. Or you can alternatively put your compact powder as a base. But always remember to moisturize or use a primer before applying any makeup products.

Q: Should compact be lighter or darker than your skin?

A: You must buy your compact powder one shade lighter than your foundation. Always remember, compact face powder is more solid and thicker than loose powder.

Q: Is compact powder and loose powder the same?

A: No, compact powder and compact powder are different in texture. Compact powder comes in solid or pressed form, however, loose powder comes in a fine powder form. Similarly, both help even out your complexion and stop your makeup from darkening or from fading out.