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As they say, your eyes express what you feel inside. If you feel happy inside, your eyes will sparkle. when you are sad, angry, or eccentric, it is all visible through your eyes. Nothing can be more reflective than a kajal-clad eye. Kajal is an instrument for making the eyes look more expressive. There is no denying that the black eye kajal look is still popular among makeup enthusiasts, artists, and celebs. But it makes immense sense to spend on some other shades as well, to break the monotony.

At Jaquline USA, we are ready to stock your eye makeup kit with eye kajals that are vibrant, strong, creamy, and smooth, allowing you to take your kajal makeup looks to the next level. We have something for everyone who loves experimenting with their eye makeup styles.

Different Kinds of Eye Kajals Available on Jaquline USA

Kohl/Kajal pencils in black, as well as many other trendy colors, are available at Jaquline USA. Our kajals are water-resistant and smudge-proof for everyday use, with no need for frequent touch-ups.

Kajal Pencil: Kajal pencils are used for lining the eyes, darkening the eyelids, and enhancing the look of lashes by making them thicker and darker. Their effortless application makes them perfect for subtle definition. If you want to keep it simple or wish to go for a smokey look on occasion, our One-Stroke Super Black Kajal is a must-have. To create a captivating eye look, use this highly pigmented kajal. This smudge-proof, water-resistant kajal can be used both as eyeliner or eyeshadow, and it has a 12-hour stay.

Gel Pencil: Gel pencils are ideal for those who require high intensity and color payoff regularly. And if you're the one, we recommend checking out this eye kohl at Jaquline USA. You get remarkable precision and a stunning finish with this Pro Stroke Gel Kajal. Another fantastic matte Kajal finish with eye-soothing elements.

How to Choose the Best Kajal?

Choosing the best eye kajal depends on a variety of factors, including personal preferences and skin type. Here are some tips that may help you select the best kajal for you:

Check the ingredients: Look for a eye kajal that is made with natural ingredients like herbal extracts, coconut oil, or almond oil. Avoid kajal that contains harmful chemicals like lead or parabens.

Consider your skin type: If you have sensitive eyes, look for a kajal that is specifically designed for sensitive eyes. If you have oily skin, choose a kajal that is smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Determine the texture: Eye Kajal is available in various textures, including pencil, gel, and liquid. Decide on the texture you prefer and choose a kajal that is easy to apply.

Check the color: Eye Kajal comes in various shades, from black to brown. Choose a color that complements your skin tone and matches your style.

Ultimately, the best eye kajal is one that suits your preferences and needs. Experiment with different types of kajal to find the one that works best for you.

How to Apply Eye Kajal Like a Pro?

While it may seem pretty clear-cut, to get the most out of your kohl, you need to know how to apply it correctly. Since your eye area is sensitive, you should pay extra attention to the application. Furthermore, the tropical climatic conditions will frequently run or smudge your Kajal. Therefore, let us learn how to apply eye kajal like a pro.

Prepare Your Eyes.

Firstly, use a face wipe to remove the oil and dirt from the eyelids. Apply a small amount of primer to your eyelids and let them dry. Your kohl will remain in place and become more lasting as a result, without smudging. Add concealer to cover up any concerned area of your skin.

Glide the Eye Kajal Along Your Lower Lash Line.

For more defined and broader eyes, apply Eye kajal to your bottom lash line first. Starting at one end, fill it in from there. Ensure that the outside corners are darker and more noticeable than the inner corners. You can also add an extra layer for a more striking eye look.

Smoke it Out With a Brush.

Smoke it out of the lower lash line with a smudging brush. It will make the kajal less harsh and soften the lines.

Make Your Upper Lash Line More Defined.

Apply kajal to the inner corner of your top lash line to further define your eyes. You can skip your eyeliner as well. Without using mascara, this approach also lengthens your lashes. To achieve the ideal wing, use a kajal pencil to cover your upper eyelid in place of liquid eyeliner.

Smudge it for a Smokey Effect.

You may smudge the sharp lines to give them a wonderful smoky feel by using an eyeshadow brush. For a more intense look, place a nude eyeshadow on top of the lid and seal the look with mascara.

Buy Best Eye Kohl (kajal) Online from Jaquline USA.

We have said enough; it’s time for you to utilize Jaquline USA Kajals to intensify the "eye drama." Take a chance and do something extra for a lasting impact. Using a formulation that is safe and incredibly comfortable, you can accentuate your eyes. Buy kajal online from Jaquline USA to captivate everyone with your gorgeous eyes.


Q: Which other colors are available in the Jaquline USA Kajal?

A: Kajal is available in super black, jade green, snow white, mocha brown, and classic blue. These are universal shades and are suitable for all skin types.

Q: How long does the Jaquline USA Kajal stay on?

A: Kajal stays on for more than 12 hours.

Q: Is the Jaquline USA Kajal water- and smudge-proof?

A: Our Jaquline USA kajal is long-lasting and water-resistant. However, owing to ingredients like castor oil make it highly nourishing and calming in nature.