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Lip liner helps the user in shaping their lips and also they can recreate any shape if the user wants to go for sharp pointed or bubble-rounded lips. It is also the best way to thicken your pout if you have got thinner lips. Another use of best lip liners is to fill the uneven areas or where your lipstick can’t reach and to make the application of lipstick neater and cleaner.

At Jaquline USA, our Pro Stroke Matte Lip Definer will define your lip shape with precision. It gives a perfect matte finish with a hydrating formula that allows your lips from drying out.  It will give you an effortlessly sculpted and contoured look.


What is a lip liner?

Lip liners are colored pencils basically, that help the users in outlining their lips to get the perfect shape. It is applied before lipstick to create a barrier that helps prevent the color from bleeding outside the natural lip line and provides a base for the lipstick to adhere to, giving a more polished and lasting look. You can also wear the best lip liners alone without following it with lipstick or lip gloss. A Lip liner pencil is best when you want a more natural and less pigmented look.


Best Lip Liners at Jaquline USA

Get your hands on our best lip liners that come in different shades to go for different looks.


Pro Stroke Matte Lip Definer

The matte formula of Jaquline USA Pro Stroke Matte Lip Definer glides on with ease, creating a seamless, enhanced contour of your pout. The retractable tip allows you to create a smooth and precise outline every time. Complete with a built-in sharpener for quick touch-ups on the go.


Features of Jaquline USA Best Lip Liner

  1. Smudge-Proof
  2. Long Lasting
  3. Matte Finish
  4. Rich Payoff
  5. Enriched with Vitamin E


How to Use Your Lip Liner Correctly?

A Lip Liner is a must-have for every make-up enthusiast in their vanity kit. Applying your Lip Liner correctly is equally important as having it in your bag. Here are a few easy steps that you must follow to know how to use your best lip liner perfectly.

Step 1: The first step before you apply any product to your lips is exfoliation. Exfoliate your lips with a lips scrub or a damp cloth properly to get rid of any dead skin or lip stains from your previous lipstick.

Step 2: After you are done exfoliating your lips, the second step will be properly hydrating your lips. Use a lip balm or lip oil and spread it evenly on your lips for a smooth finish.

Step 3: Next, take the matching lip liner that you want to go with your lipstick and start lining your lips from your cupid’s bow. You can also go upper your natural line to get a bubble or fuller lips.

Step 4: Lastly, fill the rest of your lips with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. You can also fill your lips with the lip liner pencil too if you want a minimal makeup look. 


Choose the Perfect Lip Liner for You

No matter how you want to look – sensual or vivid, you can find the best lip liner to outline and define your lips with precision. Selecting a lip liner that will suit you the best is not such an easy job, but we have some tips for you:

  • When buying eyeliner, go for a shade that will be matching your lipstick. A similar shade of lip liner can help in pulling off the subtle look you want.
  • If you want a bolder look, you must go for a shade that is one or two shades darker than your lipstick such as dark brown lip liner. It will give you a gothic look which is best for parties.
  • And if you are confused, about which shade to pick, then buy a nude lip liner that will go with most of your lipstick shades.

    Benefits of Using the Best Lip Liners - Jaquline USA

    Lip liners provide a lot more purposes than simply assisting you in accurately filling in your lip color, which to the majority of people could merely look like an unnecessary addition to one's vanity. Best Lip liners have several benefits, including:


    1. Defining the shape of lips: Lip liners can help to define the shape of lips and prevent lipstick from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth.


    1. Improving lipstick longevity: Lip liners can help to anchor lipstick in place and prevent it from feathering or fading throughout the day.


    1. Enhancing color intensity: Using a lip liner before applying lipstick can increase the intensity and vibrancy of the color.


    1. Creating ombré effect: Lip liners can be used to create an ombré effect by blending the liner color into the lipstick.


    1. Providing a base for lipstick: Lip liners can act as a base for lipstick, helping to keep it in place and preventing it from feathering.


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    Q: What is the point of a lip liner?

    A: Lip liner will not only define your lips but also it will make sure that your lipstick does not bleed out and have a longer stay. You need to draw your natural lip line with a lip pencil and then follow with matching lipstick.

    Q: Should lip liner be lighter or darker?

    A: Your lip liner pencil must be a shade darker than the shade of your natural lip color. However, you can choose two or more shades darker than lipstick if you are going for a bolder look.

    Q: Can you wear a lip liner without lipstick?

    A: Yes, you can wear your lip liner alone without following it with lipstick. You can outline or fill your lips using a lip liner. It will give you a more natural and less pigmented look. For more texture, you can choose a matching shade of lipstick.

    Q: Can we use a lip liner as lipstick?

    A: You can use your lip pencil as lipstick. Lip liners are more than outlining your lips. Now, you can find lip liners in a matte form which can be the best alternative to lipsticks.

    Q: What goes first lip liner or lipstick?

    A: You need to fill in or outline your lips before applying your lipstick to get a more finished look. You can also your lip liner pencil after your lipstick to fill any gaps and even the color.