Learn to Create Winged Eye make Like a Pro

Learn to Create Winged Eye make Like a Pro

Creating a flawless winged eyeliner can look easy but needs pro hands to create the perfect curve. Does that mean, a newbie can’t create the desired eye look? With patience and practice, they can.

Jaquline USA provides some best makeup products that help you get quality results by following some easy steps.

Let’s dive in.

Remove the Last Night Makeup

If you are going to apply your pencil or liquid eyeliner without properly clearing your last night’s makeup, you might end up creating a mess. To avoid that, take Jaquline USA Makeup Remover Wipes and gently clean the residue makeup to get a clear eye area.

Apply Primer

Before directly hoping to apply the best eyeliner, it is important to prep your skin. Apply a small amount of Jaquline USA Perfect Base Primer on the top of the eyelids. It ensures that your eye won't smudge easily.

Draw Some Dots

It’s time to draw some beautiful patterns. Grab your favorite best liquid eyeliner and draw dots on your eyelids before actually drawing a line. To start with taking Jaquline USA Pro Stroke Bold Black Liquid Eyeliner and draw a dot in the middle of your upper eyelash line. You can thickness the size of the dot according to the thickness of your eyeliner. Repeat the same for the inner corner and outer corner of your eyelids.

Match the Dots

Now connect the dots using a liquid, pencil, or gel eyeliner price gently to complete your eyeliner. While connecting the dots try to get some support for your elbow it will ensure you provide stability and avoid any shaky lines.

Congratulations! You have drawn the perfect eyeliner for you. But, to add some twist to it, let’s learn to make a wing.

Draw Tiny Tail

Take your eyeliner brush and draw an upward tail from the outer corner of your eyes. The length of the tail entirely depends on your personal preference. Repeat the same on the other eyes, make sure that the length of the tail or wing is equal on both sides.

Clean Up the Mess

Get some cotton swabs and gently clean if you have drawn some shaky lines or any other mess.

Final Touch

You're ready to go! However, you can always add some finishing touches at the end, such as drawing a double wing or making the lines wider. To wrap up your eye makeup look, apply mascara and a pencil stroke to your lower lash line.

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