How to Buy Foundation Online: 5 Tips From a Makeup Artist

How to Buy Foundation Online: 5 Tips From a Makeup Artist

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The right foundation magically evens out your skin tone and provides instant natural smooth skin. But, with the dozen product available on the market, choosing the best foundation online that looks like your skin is difficult.

With Jaquline USA you can opt for a better product that helps you to create a professional-like look with minimal effort. To get the most out of your purchase, you must first understand your skin texture, type, undertone, and issues.

We have created this simple yet effective guide so that you can shop with us better.


Find Your Skin Tone

If you are using the best foundation online that does not match your skin tone, well, that is not the best product for you!

Hence, before getting your hands on any foundation, try to find the right Jaquline USA foundation shade that goes well with your skin.

You can check the shade on your forearms, and see if the shade is blending well with the tone. If yes, then congratulation, it might be your perfect foundation online price.

However, many have darker forearms than their face, so it is best to test the product on your face for a better match.


Consider Your Skin Type

Another important factor for choosing your foundation is your skin type— dry, oily, combination, or sensitive.

If you have oily skin and you are using an oil-based foundation, then the product may trigger the issues like acne and blemishes. The best foundation for oily skin is a matte-based product, that absorbs the excess oil off your skin and provides you with clear smooth skin.

Similarly, choose an oil-based foundation for dry skin and a chemical-free foundation for sensitive skin.


Don’t Forget Your Undertone

While choosing your foundation do consider your undertone. To determine your skin’s undertone, hold a bright light close to your face, if your face looks pink or rosy, then you have a cool tone, and if it appears to be more yellow, then you have a warm undertone.



You can’t wear one foundation online price in all weather because some days might be extremely humid, while others could be bright sunny. Hence, for the summer season, you should opt for Jaquline USA Perfect Fix Foundation 1 Ivory with SPF for better sun protection, and a light weighted foundation is recommended for humid climates.


The event you’re going for!

You should also opt for the best foundation online according to the event. For a regular day look, opt for a more natural and lightweight foundation or Jaquline USA Perfect Fix BB Cream Nude that does not feel heavy on your skin, whereas, if you are getting ready for a night out evening party or any family occasion opt for Jaquline USA Perfect Fix Foundation, it will provide you more coverage.

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