5 Best Genius Beauty Tips and Hacks

5 Best Genius Beauty Tips and Hacks

Imagine you're getting ready for an important day and your eyeliner runs out!

Those moments can ruin your mood and cause you to be late.

Beauty hacks come in handy for such stressful moments and allow you to create your desired look. These hacks will also help you accumulate fewer, but quality makeup products and treat your skin while looking glamorous.

Are you also excited to explore such mind-blowing hacks and turn your makeup journey easy?

are some cool tips for you—

    1. Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner
      You can experiment with your eye makeup using this hack. Take an angled brush, and make it a little damped. Then take some eyeshadow product in it and slide it on your eyelids. You can try this tip with brown eyeshadow and can explore brighter colors to play with the makeup look.
      Apply the best waterproof mascara to finish your eye makeup look.

    1. Multi-use Your Lipstick as Blush
      When you are in hurry and do not have extra time to put on your blush and do your whole makeup properly. You can use your matte lipstick shades to add that tint to your cheeks.
      Take your pink lipstick and rub it on the back of your wrist to warm it up, then take Jaquline USA Blush Brush and apply it to your cheek to add a rosy tint.
      You can also apply the matte lipstick shade directly to your cheeks and then blend it evenly with the Jaquline USA 3D blender.

    1. Volumize Your Lashes
      If you want to create more volumized lashes without adding any eyelash extension, then we have a hack for that too.
      Take some loose face powder or Jaquline USA Perfect Fix SPF 40+++ Compact to your brush and put it on your lashes. Then brush your lashes with the best waterproof mascara, it will instantly add much volume to your lashes. For more volume, repeat the process one more time. This hack will instantly add charm to your eyes and enhance your overall eye makeup.

    1. Try Bronzer as Eyeshadow
      Bronzer can be turned out as an amazing eyeshadow. Take a little product from the Jaquline USA 3in1 Perfect Glow Contour Face Pallete and then gently apply it to your eyelids. You can put some glitter to add some shimmer. Define your eyes with eyeliner and the best waterproof mascara.

  1. Apply Lip Liner after Lipstick
    Most of the beauties apply liner before matte lipstick shades, which actually makes the job a little messier. Try putting your lip color and then define the lips with Jaquline USA Pro Stroke Matte Lip Definer to get that beautiful fuller lips.
    The above are some of the beauty hacks that will definitely make your daily makeup routine easier. Makeup is always about experimenting and exploring, try and find out what’s best for you!

    Stay beautiful…

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