4 Different Ways to Apply Kajal

4 Different Ways to Apply Kajal

Your eyes express your personality, and kajal can help you define them!

You must know how to draw kajal strokes correctly to make it worth your while.

To make your eyes look impressively beautiful, you should first buy kajal online from Jaquline USA for a high-quality professional result. And then, polish your kajal application skill for flawless patterns.

If you are new to eye makeup or want to explore more creative ways to attain that perfect look, then we have some new looks for you that might excite you.

Stay with us to play and experiment with new eye makeups that will help you to explore other sides of your personality.


Create the Smudgy Look

You can play with your kajal and create an effortless smokey eye effect, with it. Grab the best kajal online and apply it below your waterline. Then smudge the kajal little to create a smudgy look. Repeat the same with your upper lash line then volumize your lashes with Jaquline USA Lash Perfect Volumizing Mascara and you are ready to go!


Experiment to Get a Reverse Smokey Eyes

You have heard about smokey eyes, but reverse smokey is a bold way to play with your eye makeup. 

With your Jaquline USA OneStroke Super Black Kajal online price define your lower lash line. And then gently smudge it out to create a bold smokey look. It will instantly give you a more confident and glamorous look.


Winged Kajal

Well, the winged cat eye makeup look was never out of trend. Whatever the occasion is, winged kajal looks glam it up and provides you with an elegant appearance.

Apply the best online kajal from the inner corner of the upper eyelash and then gently bring it towards the outer corner and extend the line in an angular winged shape. The length of the wing is completely up to the eye, to make it a little dramatic you can extend the wing a little longer.


Spice it up with Double Winged Liner

If you love to play with your makeup, then you might love the double-winged look. Similar to the winged makeup, you need to create two wings at the outer corner of your upper lash. Whether it is a party or a friend’s get-together, a double-winged look is best to play along with your eye makeup and explore some new cool looks.


Play with Different Colors

Why stick with black kajal, when you can play with blue and green kajal to create a different gorgeous look?

Jaquline USA One Stroke Classic Blue Kajal is an excellent option if you are looking to add some colors to your lower lash line. The kajal online price is dark and beautifully defines your eyes with just one stroke. However, you can always apply two or more strokes to make it even darker.

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