A CTM routine stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, which comes in a great skincare starter kit- Jaquline USA skin care combo for your daily beauty regime. The entire self-pampering routine starts with washing your face properly with Epiglo cleanser that lets you get rid of any dirt on your skin. Then a lovely touch of Epiglo toner makes sure that your skin is retaining the pH balance, which gives your skin a rejuvenating feel and ends with the application of Epiglo moisturizer that gives your skin a healthy balance.

Products Information:

1. Jaquline USA Epiglo Cleanser 100ml

2. Jaquline USA Epiglo Toner 100ml

3. Jaquline USA Epiglo Moisturizer 100ml

Jaquline USA Perfect Skin Care Combo

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